DAAD Young Ambassadors 2020

DAAD has an extensive network of Young Ambassadors, based in different cities of India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Germany. Young Ambassadors are students who have studied or carried out research at a university or a research centre in Germany and are interested in promoting Germany as a destination for higher learning by sharing their experience of education or research in Germany with fellow students. They help inspire their fellows to study or research in Germany by answering questions, and by organizing events on and off campus.

Get to know the DAAD Young Ambassadors 2020 – read about their Germany experience and the important insights they offer. And yes, right to them about your questions – they will be happy to help you!

DAAD Young Ambassadors 2020

Abhishek Mittal
Masters – Life Sciences/Medicine
Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Recipient Charité – University and DFG – German Research Foundation Fellowship

I am currently pursuing my Masters from VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, India. I did an International Research Fellowship at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. It is an institute of excellence in Germany for research. I worked in the areas of oncology and tuberculosis. The fellowship was supported by the Charité – University and DFG – German Research Foundation.

Germany is a great place for research and studies. It provides an excellent platform for researchers and students to learn new skills, engage in stimulating discussions and promote healthy exchange of ideas.
Germany is a technological leader with most advanced scientific equipment and state-of-the-art research facilities. There are great opportunities in Germany to gain expertise in both clinical medicine and basic sciences research. During my stay in Germany, I enjoyed working on exciting problems in cancer research. The professors and fellow researchers were extremely kind and cooperative and assisted me in familiarising with the German research methodologies.

I, as a Young Ambassador, would be more than happy to help strengthen the Indo-German relations and promote higher education in Germany encouraging multi-cultural dialogue. Feel free to contact me for research, studies or life in Germany.

Akash Lodha
Masters – Business Administration & Engineering
HTW – Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Berlin

If you are reading this and are thinking about studying or conducting research in Germany, then you, my friend, have come to the right place. I can say this with conviction because this is exactly where I started. I researched universities, courses, curricula and was baffled with what Germany has to offer in terms of higher education. My experience of studying and living in Germany was amazing and one that I will never forget.
After completion of my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and working in India for about two years, I decided to pursue my Masters in Business Administration & Engineering from HTW Berlin. Studying in Germany gives you an edge over the competition with its practical approach, international and intercultural exchanges, and knowledge of trending topics in the industry. It provides great exposure and opens up many opportunities. I currently work with Bosch in Pune. My education in Germany helps and largely contributes to my current work profile.

Apart from studying and working in Germany, I did enjoy traveling around Europe, learn new cultural perspectives and make some best friends.
I will be glad to use this platform to help you in your journey. Good luck!

Amandeep Singh
Masters – Mechanical Engineering
RWTH Aachen

A big thanks to DAAD for extending me the opportunity to serve as a DAAD Young Ambassador. To briefly introduce myself, I am currently pursuing Masters from RWTH Aachen in CAME – Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering. Also, I am working as a student research assistant at IAM Aachen. I feel studying in Germany is an overall learning experience which will bring the best out of you. Students get opportunities like working with renowned researchers & observing their ways of working, meeting new and excited people from different countries having various cultural backgrounds, trying different cuisines and of course, exploring Europe during weekends.

Apart from technical advancement, Germany has also provided me the opportunity to practice human values which are indeed essential in life. As a Young Ambassador, I hope this experience helps me network with young ignited minds and encourage and guide them to pursue their dreams in Germany. I would be more than happy to answer all the queries related to the education system & life in general in Germany. Feel free to contact me.

Aniket Choudhari
Masters – Process Engineering & Energy Technology
Hochschule Bremerhaven

Recipient Erasmus+  scholarship

I come from the centre of India, the Orange city – Nagpur in Maharashtra. I completed my Masters in Process Engineering and Energy Technology from Hochschule Bremerhaven. Bremerhaven is a beautiful port city on Germany’s North Sea coast with unpredictable weather and a lot of wind. Before my masters, I graduated from Vishwakarma Institute of Information technology, Pune in Mechanical engineering and subsequently worked for a year in the automotive industry. During that time, I started developing interest in renewable and clean energy technologies. It is well known that Germany is GOD for everything automobile and at the same time it is a great place for CleanTech with millions spent on R&D and high-quality research carried out at German universities.

I did my master’s thesis in Power2Gas from Energy Transition Center (EnTranCe) Groningen, Netherlands and had 6 months of Dutch experience. I received the Erasmus+ scholarship for my master thesis work. Such funding schemes motivate students to move around the EU for research work.

Apart from studies I was very active socially and culturally; I was associated with Shaktya e.V (Social- Cultural organisation) in Bremen as its Executive Board Member. We have good Indian diaspora in Hochschule Bremerhaven and I was a founding member of the Indian Students Association- Bremerhaven (ISA-BHV). I also worked in the International Office to support foreign students at HS-BHV at the beginning of their studies, supervising  excursions, organising events and cultural get-togethers.. Currently I am based in Pune and work in the field of Fuel Cell technology to develop the energy infrastructure.

As a Young Ambassador, I hope to share my rich experience with young, ignited minds to encourage and guide them to pursue their dreams in Germany.

Arjun Jayesh Doshi
Masters – European and International Law
Europa Institut, University of Saarland

Recipient Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding – Dr. Angela Merkel Masters Scholarship

I finished Masters in European and International Law at the top of my class from Europa Institut, University of Saarland, Saarbruecken. During my masters, I specialised in International Dispute Resolution, European Economic Law and Foreign Trade and Investment. I was the recipient of the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding – Dr. Angela Merkel Masters Scholarship awarded by DAAD.
My Masters program not only focused on theoretical knowledge but also on imparting practical exposure. Senior experienced practitioners from global law firms and European institutions came to teach at the university. Studying at Saarbruecken, located on the German-French border, also made it easy to access major European institutions. I was able to train at a top-tier law firm in Frankfurt, courtesy the invitation extended to me by one of my professors.
I had an enriching educational and professional experience in Germany. Being a DAAD scholar and a part of the Masters class that had students from more than 42 countries, I interacted with professionals and scholars from legal background as well as other subjects. Such interactions taught me the value of understanding cultural differences and how to work together towards a common pursuit in such a multi-cultural environment.

During my stay in Germany, I learnt basic level German language, made friends from all over the world for life and traveled extensively in Europe.

Arpita Sundaria
PhD – Biotechnology
Technical University of Munich

I am Arpita Sundaria and am pursuing my PhD from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The opportunity to study and perform research not only provides good quality of education but also helps broaden one’s perspective.

After finishing my Integrated M.Tech from the University of Rajasthan, I came to Germany to pursue a PhD at TUM, which has offered me the opportunity to perform world-class research and has built a confident researcher in me. According to my experience, a doctorate from Germany does surely build an independent researcher and develops a whole personality in the process. A doctoral candidate teaches students, invigilates exams, and organises various events and courses. Different soft skill courses strengthen the conversational, presentation, and networking abilities of a person. The focus is to work efficiently during the week and then enjoy the weekend basking in Germany’s  natural beauty or travelling to neighbouring countries.

As a young ambassador, I would like to help prospective students with the application process and make their transition a smooth one. I am also interested in initiating activities that help students to easily integrate into the new culture.

PhD – Structural Biology / Pharmaceutical Biology
LMU Munich

Recipient DAAD-PhD Scholarship

Servus, wie geht’s? I am Deepak, a 24-year-old Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Chemistry at LMU Munich, Germany. I did my master’s from IIT Bombay in the Department of Bioscience and Bioengineering. After my master’s studies, I came to Germany in 2018 to pursue Ph.D. at LMU Munich. I am specialising in protein crystallography supported by the DAAD research grant.

One thing that I love about Germany and particularly Munich is the Oktoberfest (beer festival). Also, the Bavarian Alps are just 1-hour drive from Munich city so going for hiking or skiing makes a great weekend plan.

In the beginning I felt a bit lonely but later I found that Indian diaspora here is very well connected via different social platforms and we celebrate all major Indian festivals together be it Diwali, Durga Pujo, Ganesh Chaturthi, or Holi. Coming here I never felt like an outsider and now Munich is my second home.

Since 2019, I have been helping and guiding Indian students with their queries regarding study in Germany. Continuing the zeal of helping students I was appointed as DAAD India Young Ambassador 2020-21. Now I am connected with likeminded people and other Young Ambassadors who also like to help students with their doubts regarding Germany as the destination for education.
Now is your chance as a student to explore Germany – seize it!

I would love to talk more, share more stories, and answer your questions to start a wonderful experience in Germany. Feel free to shoot me an email. Tschüss!

Kezang Dorji
University of Stuttgart
Masters- Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design

I am Kezang Dorji from Bhutan and a Double Degree Master’s student in University of Stuttgart.
I completed my Bachelors in Urban Planning from Lovely Professional University, India in 2015. And then, I worked as an Urban Planner in Thimphu Thromde (Municipality), capital of Bhutan, for almost 4 years.

Currently, I am pursuing my Master degree in Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design (MSc. IUSD) from University of Stuttgart. It is a two year trans-disciplinary course offering learning and application based approach.

Studying in Germany has been a very rich experience in terms of developing new ideas and gaining new knowledge through interactive and co-learning environments. Such an academic environment has motivated me to learn and share ideas with colleagues who have come to study in Germany from different parts of  the world. I feel that universities in Germany provide the best campus facilities, services and human resources, which encourage and assist students to progress both in the field of research and its application.

Overall, my study life in Germany has been a wonderful time with lots of  learning and fun  exploring Germany, like attending the Volksfest, tasting local food, seeing traditional towns, experiencing beautiful landscapes such as vineyards, parks, and urban gardens. Studying in Germany is an amazing lifetime experience.

Khondker Muzaddid Haider
Masters – Information & Automation Engineering
University of Bremen

I have completed my M.Sc. from the University of Bremen in Information and Automation Engineering with major in MEMS technology and optofluidics. After receiving my master’s degree, I returned to Bangladesh and started working as a Deputy Manager in an electro-mechanical company. My decision of pursuing higher studies and choosing Germany was driven by the urge of knowing more about some field of interest for which Germany is remarkable and a positive environment for foreign students in Germany.
Germany is traditionally very strong in qualitative education. The technical courses taught in Germany are highly appreciated all around the globe which I have experienced during my study period. I have worked with the Institute for Microsensors, Actuators and Systems (IMSAS) and have done my research in Optofluidics. It was a completely new topic for me but the enlightening curriculum together with dynamic, professional and limitless facilities gave me a solid base of expertise in this discipline. Small fees of a few hundred Euros per semester were charged to students to cover administrative costs, but otherwise higher education was generally free, which was a great relief.

For me, life outside the university was also very interesting. Interacting with students and professionals from various countries, making new friends, understanding their way of life and culture has been an enormous experience. I have also been lucky enough to be able to explore Europe, which has left me with memories and expanded my horizons. Studying in Germany was the greatest experience of my life. I highly recommend the experience to anyone lucky enough to have the chance and I will be happy to assist if needed.

Manisha Ukwatte
Bachelors – International Business
Hochschule Bonn Rhein Sieg

I was born and brought up in a beautiful country, well known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ – Sri Lanka. After completing my schooling and a diploma, I moved to Germany to pursue my higher education. I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Science in International Business at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn Rhein Sieg (Hochschule Bonn Rhein Sieg). Even after completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing in Sri Lanka, I decided to start my Bachelor Degree in Interntional Business at the Hochschule Bonn Rhein Sieg to widen my horizons and be a part of the fast-growing international business market.

Being a PASCH alumna encouraged me to start my higher education in Germany followed by my experience as the Project Coordinator at Goethe-Institut in Sri Lanka

I have taken part in many volunteer programs in Europe and in South East Asia and I believe, studying in Germany has given me the opportunity to expand my network while sharing my own unique culture with different nationalities and getting to know and to be a part of other cultures.

It is my honour to be selected as a DAAD Young Ambassador to share my experiences and to fulfill my responsibilities in order to make path for many students in South Asia to pursue their higher education in Germany. Let’s chase our dreams together!

Maria Mathew
Freie Universität Berlin
Masters – Mathematics

Recipient Deutschlandstipendium

I am currently pursuing my Master studies in Mathematics at the Freie Universität, Berlin. I am interested in mathematical modelling and numerical simulations and its applicability in solving complex problems in various fields. I am also working as a student research assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in a group that primarily deals in statistical modelling applied to various problems in lifespan psychology. My primary role in the group is to assist in developing new mathematical modelling and to further improve the existing ones. I was also fortunate to receive the German scholarship Deutschlandstipendium. My dream is to pursue a career in research and development.
I personally feel Germany is one of the best places to pursue higher education beacuse of it’s wide range of practice-oriented options, it’s rich culture and some wonderful people.

Nahid-ur-Rahman Chowdhury
Masters – Energy Technologies
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Recipient EIT KIC InnoEnergy Scholarship

I am Nahid from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) at Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST), a leading private university located in the capital of Bangladesh. I have completed my Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in EEE from the same department back in 2011.

During the final year of my bachelor studies, I realised that among the various fields of EEE, power engineering attracts me the most. So, I was looking for a suitable MSc program in Germany and finally ended up at Master’s in Energy Technologies program at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Winter Semester 2012. My MSc studies was fully funded by EIT KIC InnoEnergy, a body of the European Union.
I lived in Germany for almost three years, and I believe, that was the most fascinating experience of my academic life. Our program was an international program with students from diverse cultures, where I met people from thirteen different countries and all of them were brilliant minds caming together to shape the future of energy technologies. Everyone after passing out is doing great either in Europe or in their respective home countries. I think the experience that I gained throughout my study period at KIT and working as an HiWi at EIFER (European Institute for Energy Research) transformed me into a better academician.

Lastly, I would say my experience in Germany was really wonderful and I will always cherish the memories I have made with those beautiful people and how much fun we have had together (we even played cricket in KIT) in a small city called Karlsruhe. Thank you DAAD for selecting me as a YA 2019 and giving me the opportunity to share my experiences of studying and staying in Germany with the future aspirants of higher education in Germany.

Nikhil Pingle
Bachelors – Computer Science
Technical University of Munich

Hello, my name is Nikhil and I am a student from India. I completed my Studienkolleg, which is a year long preparatory course for bachelors this year from the Technische Universität Berlin and will be starting my Bachelors in Computer Science this fall at the Technische Universität München.

Coming from a background where my mother has been teaching German for the past 30 years and has dedicated a major part of her life to Germany, choosing Germany as a place to study was an obvious choice for me. Growing up hearing not only about the high quality of education as well as a strong relationship between universities and the industry, but also generally about life in Germany motivated me come to Germany for my Bachelor studies itself and I have to say, my experience so far has been great!

Even though I was well aware, that education in Germany has a very high standard, my experience at the Studienkolleg exceeded my expectations in every way possible and I’m very excited to start my Bachelor Studies this fall.

I have been very lucky to have known people, who were able to show me the right path in terms of what requirements were to be fulfilled to do Bachelors in Germany.

As a DAAD Young Ambassador, I look forward to helping students, who are interested in pursuing their Bachelor studies in Germany, but may not know yet, what steps need to be taken to achieve their goal of studying in Germany.

Nishant Shekhar
Masters – Education and Psychology
Freie Universität Berlin

I am a Swasth Bharat Prerak at Tata Trust. I developed an interest in social work right from my early school days. To pursue this interest, I joined TISS, Mumbai and Lund University, Sweden for bachelor’s. To further expand my field of interest, I joined Child Right’s and Childhood Studies in Freie Universität Berlin, Germany for my master’s. One of the changing experiences in Germany was working in a kindergarten as a teacher and visiting the United Nations as a research student in Geneva. The difference between the social and cultural capital value motivated me to become a Prerak to work with the Ministry of Women and Children in Government of India project “Poshan Abhiyaan” with UNICEF India. This organisation was a perfect platform for me to utilise my knowledge and change it into practical work and bring little change through work at district level.

Pahala Gedara Iyoma Priyadarshana Ariyadasa
Masters – Development & International Economics
HTW – Berlin

Recipient DAAD-EPOS Scholarship

After my bachelor studies and two-years of work experience in a development project, I got a scholarship from DAAD under EPOS program to follow a master’s degree in Development and International Economics at HTW Berlin. I highly recommend the study programs offered by Applied Science Universities in Germany for young and mid-career professionals, as they provide practice-oriented curricula instead of traditional academic programs. For economists, development practitioners, and more broadly for policymakers, Germany is an ideal destination to get exposed to and interact with. The Master’s program offered various insights into different schools of economic thoughts which broadened my scope of development thinking. Berlin, a vibrant and cheerful city, provides an exciting environment for students to spend their leisure time affordably.

It has been approximately five years since I returned to my country after completing post-graduate studies in Germany. The experience and knowledge I got from Germany have been vastly helpful for me to understand the current policy dynamics of my country as well as the world. The exposure I received in Germany paved the way to successfully compete with others in the job market. Also, it is a great pleasure to work with DAAD to share my experience with individuals who are interested in doing their studies and research in Germany.

Palak Lakhani
Masters – Polymer Materials Science
Martin Luther University – Halle Wittenberg

Namaste! My name is Palak Lakhani. I live in Halle (Saale), but I’m originally from Rajkot. I completed my B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering from Amity University, Rajasthan in 2017. Currently, I am pursuing M.Sc. Polymer Materials Science (PMS) from Martin Luther Universität of Halle-Wittenberg (MLU).

Doing my masters in Germany has been the best decision of my life. It had always been my dream to pursue higher studies from Germany. That was also the reason that I started learning German language during my bachelors. MLU gave me the chance to pave my path into the specialisation I have always wanted. The awesome laboratory facilities, beautiful campus and the cool lectures of renowned professors made all the struggles of academia worthwhile. My research experience, during this period, in Fraunhofer IMWS and Martin Luther Universität of Halle-Wittenberg – helped me tremendously in professional development of research work, which in turn helped to do thesis in Hochschule Merseburg, one of the renowned places for UD Tapes research in Europe.

I am a Youtube influencer, a numismatist, a philatelist, a pianist, a hodophile and a badminton player. I have had experience of doing 14 part-time jobs in Germany. All those meetings with so many people from different countries and culture taught me many things. The B2 level of German language proficiency that I have achieved is only due to the exposure that I got in Germany. Getting a near perfect score of 163/165 in B1 level is a dream for many.

I would definitely encourage students to undertake higher education in Germany. I thank DAAD for giving me this opportunity of giving back to the society as a Young Ambassador. Always remember this quote from Thomas Berger: “The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge”. I am and will always be available for clearing all your doubts.

Parmita Ghosh
Masters (semester exchange) – Geoinformatics & Machine Learning,
Technische Universität Darmstadt

Recipient DAAD-KOSPIE Scholarship

I am a satellite remote sensing data analyst, currently working in the Digital Agriculture vertical of Corteva Agriscience, India. I had recently completed my post graduation from IIT Bombay, India. DAAD IIT Master Sandwich Programme 2018 gave me an opportunity to do my MTech project work under a cool and brilliant supervisor of TU Darmstadt, Germany. In Germany I also got associated with Competence Center Geoinformation, Hessisches Statistisches Landesamt as a Visiting Researcher. I got a chance to explore my technical interest to the fullest; for that I will be always thankful to DAAD. The scholarship programme also introduced me to the German language which was a joy to learn. I got a chance to interact with students from different parts of the globe and share technical knowledge and roam around with them in different European countries. This programme has helped me to expand my technical knowledge and to manage my time in the most efficient manner. Pursuing research in Germany has helped me immensely in achieving my professional goals.
As my mission of giving back to the community; I would like to help DAAD in promoting study and research in Germany in my capacity as a Young Ambassador.

Pooja Tanwer
PhD – Life Sciences
University of Würzburg

Recipient DAAD- PhD Sandwich Scholarship

I am a Research Associate at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. I received DAAD scholarship during my PhD to pursue part of my PhD work at Department of Microbiology, University of Wuerzburg, Germany. At that time, little did I know that I was moving on a path of meeting amazing people and continuous learning, which would become an enriching experience for me.
‘Germany – Land of Ideas’ – I believe this holds really true. Apart from free education and great opportunities, there is a lot to learn in terms of culture and history of Germany. There is so much to learn from Germans, like time management, efficiency, punctuality, hard work, and work-life balance. Moreover, the living cost in Germany is quite affordable and provides a chance to travel and appreciate the beautiful landscapes. The experience gained from studying and living in Germany will not only broaden your thinking horizons, but will also benefit you in life.
As a young ambassador, I hope to answer the queries of new aspiring candidates in every possible way and would strongly recommend all the candidates to avail different opportunities to enhance their learning experiences.

Prashant Joshi
Masters – Civil Aviation and Logistics
Technical University Dresden

Recipient Foreign Study Grant  program Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V.

I am pursuing a master’s in Civil Aviation and Logistics (Luftverkehr und Logistik) at Technical University Dresden. It is one of the TU9 excellence universities in Germany. A major part of this course deals with different technologies and instruments used in airplane components like a cockpit, fuselage, wings, jet-engines etc. and safety and security measures in airports and during flight with knowledge of terminal operations. And Logistics as minors mostly with planning and simulation.

My program is in the German language. Learning German is a perfect choice if you want to pursue your higher studies from Germany and want to work a professional in this field. I did an intermediate German language course in India, which enabled me to apply for German taught programs. And after I moved to Germany, I did an advanced-level German language course in Dresden. I also got selected for the Foreign Study grants program of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V.

Living in Germany has changed my world perspective. It has introduced me to a new society and culture. I now have friends from various countries who teach me new life skills every day. Germany introduced me to the charms of the holiday season, and I enjoyed Christmas like never before.

The International-Students Department at university is doing tremendous work to make student life hassle-free. You can always visit the student advisory committee for any help. Apart from it, various other bodies like ESN, AIESEC, Student Clubs (Hochschulgruppe) are there for you to network and enjoy the company of other international students.

I would recommend higher education in the Land of Ideas i.e. Germany not only for a better quality of education but also for a better world view, which is not always possible while living in your native country.

Pulkit Batra
Masters – Automotive Engineering
RWTH Aachen

To briefly introduce myself, I am currently working at BMW AG (Munich, via RLE Mobility Gmbh & Co. KG) as battery research and development engineer. I received my master’s degree (M.Sc. Automotive Engineering) with a specialisation in Battery Engineering from RWTH Aachen University. My prior work stint was as a master thesis student and then as an intern at ZF Friedrichshafen AG. I also gathered experience as a Research Assistant at the Chair of Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components during my masters and prior to that, I completed my bachelor’s: B.Tech in Mechanical & Automotive Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, India. As a child, I was always fascinated with cars, that’s the reason why I moved to Germany.

Alongside my bachelor’s, I also learned German at the Goethe-Institut, New Delhi up to B2 level which really helped me to integrate into a whole different culture when I moved here.

I would like to first convey my gratitude to the DAAD team for selecting me as a YA. I am looking forward to this journey with DAAD and the German Embassy, New Delhi.

As a YA, I hope to network, motivate, and guide young talented minds to pursue their goals in Germany. I would be more than happy to mentor and answer your queries. Feel free to reach out to me with your questions.

Rekha Duggenahalli Ranganath
Masters – Management and Engineering in Production Systems
RWTH Aachen

I am a Techno-Management engineer studying Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Management at the RWTH Aachen University.
Germany has been a very resourceful journey for me on both personal and professional fronts. Representing Germany and India in various events and even winning competitions brought me face-to-face with challenges right from the day I arrived in Germany. But these challenges helped my perspective become more global. I am privileged to promote women in STEM and empower entrepreneurship.

The Young Ambassador crown is like achieving another milestone, where I would like to create resourceful platforms for all the aspirants across Asia.

Rhondemo Kikon
Masters – International Health
University of Heidelberg

I am a medical doctor and health development consultant. I have completed my Master of Science in International Health from the Institute of Global Health, University of Heidelberg. I was awarded a study scholarship to Germany by the Government of India. I had returned home in 2018 under the Returning Experts program supported by the Center for International Migration and Development (CIM), Germany. I am currently working with the Community Health Initiative (CHI) as a Program Leader. CHI is an NGO based in Nagaland with a vision for sustainable health development. It works in the areas of strengthening healthcare services, water sanitation, and hygiene, nutrition, and livelihood.

Choosing to study in Germany was one of the most remarkable decisions I made in my life. I feel blessed to have studied in a top-ranked institution. During my studies, I was enriched with unique multicultural experiences from different countries. I also made lifelong friendships with people I still keep in touch until today. One example is my dear friend and mentor, Prof. Andreas Ruppel who guided and advised me throughout my studies and after completion. If you would like to know more about the study opportunities in Germany please drop me an email.

Rupesh Shrestha
Masters – Natural Resources Management & Development
TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences

Recipient DAAD-EPOS scholarship

I am an architect by profession with a background in heritage preservation, urban management , sustainable development and disaster risk management . Currently, I am working in post-earthquake reconstruction project in Nepal. I am using skills that I learnt in Germany for earthquake rebuilding projects. In 2014, I received a DAAD EPOS scholarship and  I studied Master of Science in Natural Resources Management & Development from University of Applied Sciences – Cologne (TH Köln).  The two and a half years that I spent in Germany for my Master’s degree will be something that I will cherish forever, thanks to German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). In Germany, I learned not only technical skills but also got to know its culture, language, and people. I made friends from all over the world.

As DAAD Young Ambassador from Nepal, I am interested in promoting Germany as a destination for higher learning in my country. I am also serving as secretary at an NGO called Nepal German Academic Association (NEGAAS), which aims at strengthening the academic relations between both countries

Sabina Khatri
Masters – Hydrogeology and  Environment Engineering
Technical University Darmstadt

I pursued my Masters degree in Tropical Hydro-Geology and Environmental Engineering (TropHEE) at TU Darmstadt. Currently I am working as a hydro-geologist (Technical Officer) with the Nepal Government.

I would like to repeat myself that exposure to the diverse cultures, food, dresses, etc. and being friends with international students from various nationalities was the most interesting part of my stay in Germany. Darmstadt will always have a special place in my heart. It is a small town where everyone seems to know each other and felt like home. It has already been almost 3 years but the best of all the experiences for me was getting to know that the Bibliothek, that is the library, opens 24/7, so one could go and study any time one felt like. To sum up, DAAD has been an enriching experience for me and the biggest learning opportunity, personally as well as professionally. Thank you DAAD for this opportunity to take responsibilities as YA one more time!!

Sakshi Aggarwal
Masters  (semester exchange) – Urban planning/City Planning
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

I am an architect-planner, working as a research associate with HSMI, HUDCO on issues of urban housing and environment.

DAAD gave me the opportunity to pursue partial research on my Master thesis in Germany under the guidance of a wonderful mentor as part of the DAAD-IIT Master Sandwich Programme. The programme was very holistic, and the additional built-in German language course greatly eased my stay. The research environment was very conducive to my studies, and this period helped me develop both professionally and personally. I was also exposed to European planning, and case studies of iconic European cities enhanced my research. The efficient and well-planned transportation made even travelling a joyful experience. Apart from academics, I learnt a lot about different cultures, made friends from all over the world, and created memories to last a lifetime. I thank DAAD for giving me this opportunity of giving back to the mission as a Young Ambassador.

Sharad Chandra Mainali
Masters – Land Management & Tenure
Technical University Munich

After receiving the Bachelors degree in Geomatics Engineering from Kathmandu University, Nepal, I joined the government agency of Surveying and Mapping – Department of Survey. After working in the sector of surveying for years, I realised the importance of Land Management and security of Land ownership for a person and a community. I started to search the relevant subject for my higher education and found MSc in Land Management and Land Tenure in TU Munich. Luckily, I got the admission along with DAAD scholarship for the study.

My twenty months in Germany were precious and the time went too fast. One of the major achievements from my stay is the circle of wonderful people from different parts of the world. They were so amazing that I never had to spend my time alone and the city was busy too. I studied in Munich and hence lived there. Along with the city, I like the Southern part of Germany and the mountains around.

Germans are the most organised and loyal people I have found so far. I like them and the way they live. The infrastructure development all over the country and the greenery conservation are in fact appreciable. The traditional and cultural festivals are interesting too. The green spaces and parks conserved in the middle of the cities and their connection to the day-to-day life amazed me the most. My study and stay in Germany are, for sure, the most precious times of my life.

Sharayoo Jog
Bachelors – Business Administration
Technical University of Munich

Hi, I’m Sharayoo, I’m from India and I’m 18 years old and I dreamt of studying in Germany since I was 15, which was when I got a two week scholarship from PASCH and DAAD to study in Germany.

I have completed the Studienkolleg, a one year preparatory course that will enable me to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Germany. I am presently studying Betriebswirtschaftslehre at the Technical University of Munich.

Studying in Germany has been an excellent experience. German universities and institutions function in an extremely well organised manner. The facilities available to students through the negligible tuition fee are extraordinary. I personally felt so in form of the huge libraries that I had access to, as a student. The students in Munich can also benefit from the sports facilities available at the Olympiapark. There are endless opportunities to intern at various firms or companies, Munich being a big city. I love to travel and living in Munich is an advantage due to its central European location.

If you’re working towards studying in Germany, I can assure you that it is worth it.

Sheri Jahan Chowdhury
Masters – Optics and Photonics
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

I have graduated with the master’s degree in Optics and Photonics from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). I was one of the Karlsruhe School of Optics and Photonics (KSOP) scholarship holders there. My bachelor’s studies was in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from BRAC University, Bangladesh.

Doing my masters in Germany has been the best decision of my life. I still remember being so confused and lost regarding higher studies after my bachelors. KSOP gave me the chance to pave my path into the specialization I have always wanted. The awesome laboratory facilities and the cool lectures of renowned professors made all the struggles of academia worthwhile. My research experience, during this period, in the InnovationLab Heidelberg, Light Technology Institute, and Institute of Microstructure Technology – helped me tremendously in professional development of research work, which in turn helped to do thesis in IMEC, Belgium, one of the best places of semiconductor research in Europe.

As for personal experiences, the list is uncountable. All those meetings with so many people with complete different culture but who soon became friends, letting out the inner travel monster which led to visiting 21 countries in 2.5 years, learning to cook, learning to bike, hiking, movie nights with dormitory friends, attending a German-Polish wedding in Poland, kayaking first time in Atlantic, feeling the snow for the first time are only few of the never ending beautiful moments that I will never forget.

Shruthi Krishnan
PhD – Biology
Johannes Gutenberg University

I am currently a graduate researcher at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in the field of structural biology. With a bachelor degree from India in Biotechnology, work experiences as a Junior Research Fellow, IT and pharmaceutical professional in my kitty, I am always up for sharing experiences and getting to know new people. I speak 5 different Indian languages but still taking my baby steps with German. Being an avid traveler, studying in Germany has allowed me to keep this passion alive, having visited 30+ countries.

When I first decided to pursue my Masters in Germany, I often had second thoughts about language barrier and social integration. Six years down the lane and having moved across three different German cities, working in different institutions, I realized that my doubts were uncalled for. Germany provides ample opportunities with its varied course and internship options even for international students. The system is well organized and one can find help with mentors and tutors. The study environment is relaxed with enough time at hand to gain practical experiences. I had the chance to avail this to my benefit and hence would definitely recommend Germany as a great destination for aspiring students.

Quite often students abroad find it hard to imagine what life in a new country would be like. I would be glad to answer all queries with regards to a university degree, internships, job hunt and social integration.

Shvaita Madhuri
PhD – Biology
University of Konstanz

Recipient of DAAD-PhD scholarship

I completed M.Sc in Microbiology with a gold medal from Osmania University, Hyderabad. Further, I enrolled into another M.Tech programme in Agricultural Biotechnology at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. These Master’s courses prepared me to take my scientific voyage to the next level i.e. Doctoral studies.
I received full PhD scholarship from DAAD, that paved the way for me to go to “The land of ideas: Germany”. I started with an intensive 2-month German Language course at Munich, which was an incredible experience. As is said language connects you to the art and culture of the city – it indeed did work its magic. I was introduced to the university by the “Welcome Centre” for international students. They were immensely cordial with all administrative aspects. Once city registration and introductory week went by smoothly, actual “laboratory” time arrived. My supervisor and lab mates were extremely supportive. My research project involved molecular digging into beautiful, tiny, plant-like “diatoms”. The work ethics and research integrity were the most important learnings that helped me grow professionally. The scientific meetings were great opportunities to know my research circle as well as to bring some prizes back home. Additional research support from DAAD helped me to attend important scientific meetings.
Apart from work, there is an amazing “get-together” culture with live music concerts by my supervisor’s band. We used to go on weekly hiking trips, which was sometimes the best escape from “failing experiment trauma”.

The journey so far in this spectacular country has literally expanded my outlook, both at a personal and professional level, to which I am grateful to the DAAD. With pride, I would recommend higher studies in Germany and would love to help you with any questions, thus, feel free to drop in your queries.

Siddhi Rathi
PhD – Molecular Biology
University of Heidelberg

Recipient of DAAD-WISE Scholarship & DAAD-PhD Scholarship

It is very important for every individual to opt for a field, he/she has a genuine interest in- a career where you are enthralled each day, which would otherwise be a mundane exercise for others.
Luckily for me, at every stage of my education, I got an opportunity to choose what I felt inclined towards. During my BS-MS at IISER-Mohali, I got an opportunity to undertake several internships at prestigious institutes in renowned labs. One of the internships that I pursued was at the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany, with the support of the DAAD-WISE program. This experience altered my career path and ignited me towards applying for doctoral studies in Germany. Currently I am pursuing PhD at Centre for Organismal Studies (COS), Heidelberg University, in the field of Molecular Biology, under the DAAD-PhD program, 2018.

The environment of the lab, exchange of ideas amoungst the scholars and a constant encouragement from the supervisor instills motivation in me. The work culture, interactive student forums at the German universities, the scientific retreats and winter/summer schools, all together create a perfect blend of learning and networking with students and colleagues from across the world. A cherry on the cake of doing research in Germany, is the high number of eminent research institutions that Germany is  home to, making collaborations easier.

Being far away from home, the constant help provided by DAAD serves as a shoulder of support. I have and will definitely continue to have an experience of a lifetime studying in Germany. And I encourage students to undertake higher education in Germany. I am thereby willing to help such aspiring students to get the right information on application processes and scholarships for studying in Germany.

Feel free to drop an email with your queries… No query is silly!

Somashree Mondal
Masters – Chemical Engineering
RWTH University, Aachen

Recipient DAAD-KOSPIE Scholarship

I have done my Master of Technology in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. When I started with it, I was gradually moving towards becoming determined  to pursue a PhD from abroad. My determination strengthened manifold  when I got an opportunity to do my master thesis in Germany under the DAAD-KOSPIE 2019-2020 scholarship and I did my thesis from RWTH Aachen University in functional polymeric materials.

Germany has a lot to offer in terms of science and technology. The research environment I experienced helped me improve my skills. Every aspect of the work was pre-planned and well organized. During my stay there, I learned the use of various cutting-edge scientific instruments. Presently, I am a PhD aspirant, and I aspire to go back to Germany for my PhD.

There are many prestigious universities, where one can pursue their higher education. There are also various scholarships under DAAD, which helps one in studying in Germany. I shall always encourage students to consider Germany as a suitable country for pursuing their studies. It has a lot to offer not only from educational aspects but also intercultural aspects. Also, the extremely efficient medical system and health insurance system is something I would not forget to mention.

I had a great time in Germany studying, learning German, making new friends, and travelling. I strongly encourage students  to aspire to study in Germany.

Tavseef Mairaj Shah
PhD – Agroecology
Hamburg University of Technology

Recipient of Hamburg State Graduate Funding Program (HmbNFG)

I am doing my PhD research at Hamburg University of Technology (TU Hamburg). My research is supported by Hamburg State Graduate Funding Program Scholarships (HmbNFG). The field of my research is the study of ecology of food production systems, focused on rice cultivation. I did my masters in process engineering, specialising in environmental process engineering, from TU Hamburg. I come from Pulwama, Kashmir and I did my bachelors in process engineering from NIT Srinagar, before moving to Germany in 2013.
Apart from my research, I enjoy spending time reading, writing, and photographing. Study and life in Hamburg have been an enjoyable learning experience, given the diversity of culture and history the city has to offer. The city of Hamburg, in many aspects, lives up to the title given to it by the people that call it home – the most beautiful city in the world (die schönste Stadt der Welt). If there were a place that one could truly call home, I would call Hamburg my second home, after Kashmir, which would still be the first.

I am thrilled to be a DAAD Young Ambassador  and  am looking forward to utilising my knowledge and experience in the best possible way.

Vinay Mulchandani
Masters – Automotive Management
HTW – Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Berlin

I graduated with a Masters in Business Administration and Engineering from HTW, Berlin, Germany. Through this course, I learned the professional skill, to develop an analytical mind-set applicable to a variety of industries and business functions to become a strong, interdisciplinary problem solver – professional, creative, and collaborative.

Germany offered me a great amount of exposure and various opportunities to work with future trends, like Autonomous vehicle, Industry 4.0, and Internet of Things. The industrial visits in BMW, Daimler, Schneider, and Bosch gave me deep insights of how the German automotive sector works in terms of manufacturing and supply chain. My final year thesis focuses on Industry 4.0 and its impact on supply chain. I successfully completed my internship in Continental AG, which was a phenomenal learning experience. I returned to India and started working in the Supply Chain domain.

I enjoyed my time as a student doing extra-curricular activities at HTW, Model UN, etc. Understanding cultural differences and how to work in a multi-cultural environment was again a great learning experience. I made friends from all over the world, worked with people from many countries and enjoyed beautiful Europe by travelling to more than twelve countries till date.

I, as a Young Ambassador, would be more than happy to form a bridge between Indian and German education system and help peers get the exposure that I got. Feel free to contact me for anything related to studies, research, and work or otherwise.

I would like to promote German higher education and strengthen Indo-German relations by facilitating the exchange of students and professionals, thereby increasing interaction and information exchange between the two countries.

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