DAAD Young Ambassadors 2018

Afrin Sultana Chowdhury
Masters – Molecular biology, Heidelberg University


I am a molecular biologist and presently working in the Karolinska Institute, Sweden. I have completed my first year of Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Program from Heidelberg University, Germany. As a graduate research student, I gained lab experience in the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), which is the biggest biomedical research centre in Germany. Also for five months, I had the opportunity to work in the Medical Faculty of Mannheim, Germany. I am originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh and completed my bachelor in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology at the University of Chittagong.

Besides my course and lab works, I tried to make the best use of my one year stay in Germany by travelling around Europe, and got amazed by its rich cultural heritage and beautiful nature. Here, I experienced the first snow fall of my life, enjoyed the best dessert ever, added baking as my new hobby and got a chance to meet people from different parts of the world. I got motivated by the punctuality, discipline and work ethics of the Germans, and highly appreciated their good work-life balance. For international students, Germany offers enormous facilities, which includes no or affordable tuition fees, part-time job opportunities, very low cost public transport, student dormitory etc. Overall I can say, those who want to get world-class education and wish to enjoy their personal lives, Germany is ‘the best destination’ for them. My experiences in Germany as a student, an intern, an employee, and as a traveller helped me get a better version of myself, and I wish to help the interested students to experience the same. If you have any question regarding the study opportunities and student life in Germany, feel free to drop me an email.

Amit Upadhyay
Masters – Law, Freie Universität Berlin


I graduated with Master’s in International Business, Competition and Regulatory Law from Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany. I was awarded the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding – Dr. Angela Merkel Master’s Scholarship by DAAD.

Studying at Freie Universität, Berlin, which is one of the eleven German elite universities in the German Universities Excellence Initiative, I primarily focused on competition law along with an array of substantive trade law and energy law courses. I was fortunate to study in Germany, a country that has produced many noble laureates, scientists, thinkers, researchers, jurists etc. in the past and it continues to thrive on values of liberty, individuality, discipline and diversity of cultures. I have been continuously associated with Germany as an alumnus of the German University and have attended various academic programs and training workshops to broaden my knowledge base, and to gain valuable experience.

As the recipient of Dr. Angela Merkel Master’s Scholarship, I want to create awareness and promote the scholarship and degree programs in European Law so that needy and deserving students can benefit from them. I have also founded a non-profit company named “Rise of Aspiring Individuals” which focuses on education and counselling. I seek to promote German higher education and strengthen Indo-German relations by facilitating the exchange of students, professionals, and people thereby increasing interaction, dialogue and information exchange between the two countries.

Ankit Ashok Kale
Masters – Production Engineering, TU Berlin


I am Ankit Ashok Kale from Aurangabad, India. In 2016, I completed my Bachelors in Production Engineering from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology in Pune. During the fifth semester I was selected for an exchange semester program at Hof University of Applied Sciences in Germany. It was my first time in Germany, and hence, I learnt basic German (level A1) before leaving for Germany. I was there for one semester and had Industrial Engineering as well as management subjects for studies. It was a wonderful time for me. Hof is a very small city as compared to the Indian cities, but is nevertheless beautiful. In my six months, I was mesmerized by the way lectures were conducted and the way knowledge transfer took place. Education methods included an intensive use of audio visuals as well as presentations. This inspired me to pursue my Master studies in Germany as well. So after one year of work experience in India, I applied to TU Berlin in the Global Production Engineering course. After acceptance, my journey for Master studies finally began in October 2017. I am currently in my third semester. Meanwhile, I am also a Werkstudent at Brose GmBH in the calibration department. It has been a beautiful journey and I look forward to many more experiences ahead!

Ankit Savla
Masters – Architecture, Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste


To briefly introduce myself, I am a practising architect and a strategist. As an architect I specialise in Architecture & Performative Design which I mastered as a DAAD scholar at the Städelschule in Frankfurt/Main. After working for about four years in India and Germany I have recently co-founded a small practice in Mumbai. Before heading back to my home base during last Diwali, I also got trained as a design thinker at the D-School in Potsdam. As a strategist, I support businesses/start-ups and brands to develop Human Centric Designs and solutions and try to bridge the gap between design and strategy.

My three years of experience in Germany has been so exciting and vivid. Meeting people from over 40 countries, knowing them, their cultures, finding the links between us and understanding why some things work differently due to some reasons has all helped me grow as an individual. I have probably never been as close to my country as I have been during the time I spent in Germany. There is so much I have been able to extract from German life, culture and educational systems and look forward to spread and implement these ideas contextually into our systems here.

 Anusua Das
Masters – Electrical Engineering, Hochschule Darmstadt


I am currently working as a Mixed Signal IC Design and Verification Engineer at Continental Teves in Frankfurt. I am responsible for developing power control units for automotive brake systems. I have a dual Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Hochschule Darmstadt and Vellore Institute of Technology, India. In year 2015, I came to Germany to study double Masters at Hochschule Darmstadt through DAAD collaboration and it became one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Interacting with new people with diverse cultural backgrounds, exemplary work ethics, and the plethora of opportunities offered during and after academic studies propelled me in the right direction towards shaping my career. Due to support for research activities in German education system, I got awarded with the Professor Döhrer Stiftung Award for the best Master Thesis in the academic year 2016-2017 from Hochschule Darmstadt. Prior to that, I worked as a Research Fellow at IIT Kharagpur for three years.

I am really thankful to DAAD for providing me the opportunity of becoming a Young Ambassador. I want to devote my own experience to promote German higher education, thereby strengthening Indo-German relations, and helping exchange of students between the two countries.

Dinesh Krishna Natarajan 
Master – Computational Mechanics, University of Stuttgart


When I was a Bachelors student of Mechanical Engineering in India, I got the opportunity to pursue an exchange semester in Hochschule Esslingen. The program involved the right mix of technical courses, cultural and industrial excursions, and free time to explore the country. Staying in a dormitory helped me interact with more people from all corners of the world, sharing our culture and ideologies. The technical and soft skills I garnered there have been propelling me in the right direction in building my career. Overall, my stay in Germany was like a cocktail of befriending people from all over the world, living on your own in a western country, learning new languages (in bits and pieces), cultures and values, a glimpse into the German academic and industrial sectors, which ultimately made me appreciate our culture and traditions more. Having experienced a life-changing exchange semester, I decided to go back to Germany for my Master’s degree in Computational Mechanics at the University of Stuttgart. As I begin the next chapter of my life with a heart full of hope and a mind full of dreams, I hope I can be a beacon of guidance and inspiration for aspiring students smitten with Germany.

Gaurav Deshmukh
Masters – Management and Engineering, RWTH Aachen


I am an Automotive professional having worked with Global Automakers in India, Germany and France. I completed my Masters Degree in Engineering Management with a focus on Automotive Industry from RWTH Aachen University.

Germany offered me great amount of exposure and opportunities to work with future trends, like Connected Cars, Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things. I worked with real business cases and projects for companies and start-ups, which was a phenomenal learning. I enjoyed my time as a student doing extra-curricular activities, like student exchanges across Europe, Model U.N., cross border hiking etc. Understanding cultural differences and how to work in a multi-cultural environment was a significant learning. I made friends from all over the world, worked with people from many countries and enjoyed the beautiful Europe by travelling more than 20 countries till date. Further, Europe gave me the opportunity to pursue my hobby of photography, as I displayed my work across art galleries in European art cities.

I, as a Young Ambassador, would be more than happy to form a bridge between Indian and German Education system and help peers get the exposure that I got. Feel free to contact me for anything related to studies, research and work or otherwise.

Gaurav Sharma
German Chancellor Fellowship – International Affairs, German Institute for International and Security Affairs


I am an alumnus of Global Leadership Academy (GLAC, 2016-2017) GIZ, an awarded German Chancellor Fellow (2015-2016) for Future Leaders and a Crans Montana Young Leader Awardee (2014). I am also an alumnus of Global Solutions – a Berlin Policy Forum and member of task force for Think20 (T20) of the G20 on 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. I sit on the Executive Committee of the Indo-German Young Leaders Forum (IGYLF). Germany and especially Berlin is my second home, and it made me bring out the best of my abilities, and empowered me to explore my potential to the maximum. I admire the respect for knowledge and an individual’s potential in Germany. Germany is the best destination for higher studies and the respect for knowledge expertise is profound and humbling. I ran the Berlin Half-Marathon and took up bicycling full time. The friends I made are friends for life. Berlin is a cultural melting pot and I got addicted to its energy and diversity, and having lived in ‘Kreuzberg’, every day was an adventure. I continue my association with Germany, currently taking up a Book project for my continued research work on India – Germany foreign policy. 

Iyoma Priyadarsahana Ariyadasa 
Masters – Development and International Economics, HTW Berlin


After my bachelor studies and two-year experience in the development field, I got a scholarship from DAAD under EPOS program to follow a master degree in Development and International Economics at HTW Berlin. The study programs offered by Applied Science Universities in Germany are highly recommended for young and mid-career professionals, as they provide practice-oriented curricula instead of traditional academic programs. For economists, development practitioners and more broadly for policymakers, Germany is a very interesting country to get exposed to and interact with. The Master program offered various insights into different schools of economic thoughts which broadened my scope of development thinking. Berlin, a vibrant and cheerful city, provides an exciting environment for students to spend their leisure time affordably.

It has been approximately three years since I returned to my country after completing post-graduate studies in Germany. The experience and knowledge I got from Germany has been vastly helpful for me to understand the current policy dynamics of my country as well as the world. The exposure I received in Germany paved the way to successfully compete with others in the job market. Also, it is a great pleasure to work with the DAAD to share my experience with individuals who are interested in doing their studies and research in Germany.

Dr Madan Junghare
PhD – Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Ecology,University of Konstanz


I am currently a postdoc at the Microbial Ecology, Department of Biology at the University of Konstanz, Germany. In 2012, I received the DAAD PhD scholarship to pursue doctoral study at the German university, which I completed in Feb 2016.

My PhD and current postdoc research focuses broadly on understanding microbial adaptations to xenobiotic compounds, e.g. phthalates (plasticizers) which we use in preparing plastic containing products. Due to their indispensable properties, phthalates are produced in large quantities and used worldwide for various industrial applications, but, only from the last 50 years. However, as waste phthalates cause major pollution and risk to our health, it is therefore of general interest to know, how some microorganisms evolved within the last 50 years and how specialized enzymes can degrade these synthetic compounds. This is the line of my research interests.

About my stay – Over 6 years of stay in Germany, I spent most my time in southern Germany, in the city of Konstanz, which is often recognized because of its beautiful weather and Lake Konstanz. From Konstanz, you can reach Switzerland just by walking a few steps. In short, my overall journey in Germany has really been an incredible and enriching experience in my life, both for professional and personal development. Come and explore. As a newcomer, there are many things which you must take from German culture. Some of the things, which I always admire about them, are their work ethics, punctuality, and their attitude towards maintaining a good balance between professional and personal life. As a Young Ambassador, I offer myself to help anyone who is interested in carrying out research/studying in Germany. I would be delighted to share my experiences with anyone who wants to know about this beautiful country.

Md Rabiul Hossain Chowdhury 
Masters – Chemistry, University of Siegen


I am a student at the University of Siegen, Germany and currently pursuing Masters in Chemistry. I completed Bachelor in Pharmacy from University of Science and Technology Chittagong (USTC), Bangladesh. The field of my research is Analytical Chemistry, focusing mainly on characterization of nanoparticle using novel analytical methods. Being a former debater, I have always been passionate about public speaking and engaging in group activities to bring about a positive change in the society. I have conducted several seminars in Bangladesh based on “Higher Studies in Germany”. Here in Germany, I am a member of Model United Nation, Siegen and German Chemical Society (GDCh).
My experience as a student in Germany has been phenomenal and beyond my expectations. I have not only acquired knowledge in a classroom setting, but have also learned so much about Germany’s culture, heritage and its lifestyle from my day to day experience. I have evolved to think more independently and understand the importance of accuracy and precision in a better way.  Besides travelling to different cities in Germany, I have travelled 12 countries in Europe, which was so important for me to realize the role we play as international citizens. Germany has given me the opportunity to explore myself and accomplish things that I never thought were possible. Working for DAAD will only enhance this experience and help me establish myself as a young leader.
Lastly, this wonderful opportunity that has been presented to me, I would like to fully utilize it and invite young minds to explore their fields of study, discover their potentials, think outside the box, and expand their horizons to achieve greater things in life. It would give me immense pleasure, if I could assist these fellow young minds chase their dreams.

Niraj Aryal 
PhD – Natural Product Chemistry, University of Tübingen


I loved science from the very beginning. I did most of my studies at Kathmandu University, Nepal and then in 2016, I joined University of Tuebingen as a DAAD-PhD scholar. I am enjoying my research more than anything. But, I also consider that good supervisors, a competitive research atmosphere and helpful colleagues have made my journey comfortable so far. 

Dr Pooja Tanwer 
Semester Exchange – Life Sciences, University of Würzburg


I am a Research associate at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. I received a DAAD scholarship during my PhD to pursue part of my PhD work at Department of Microbiology, University of Wuerzburg, Germany. At that time, little did I know that I was moving on a path of meeting amazing people and continuous learning, which would become an enriching experience for me.

As DAAD itself says “Germany – Land of Ideas”, I believe this holds really true. Apart from free education and great opportunities, there is a lot to learn in terms of culture and history of Germany. There is so much to learn from Germans, like time management, efficiency, punctuality, hard work, and work-life balance. Moreover, the living cost in Germany is quite affordable and provides a chance to travel and appreciate the beautiful landscapes. Experience gained from studying and living in Germany will not only broaden your thinking horizons, but will also benefit you in life.
As a young ambassador, I hope to answer the queries of new aspiring candidates in every possible way and would strongly recommend all the candidates to avail different opportunities to enhance their learning experiences.

Pritiv Aditya S K 
Semester Exchange – Automobile Engineering, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences


I was selected for a semester exchange program called INTAP-International Automotive Program at Hochschule Esslingen, Germany, which is an applied sciences university. It was a wonderful experience.
 I had the opportunity to meet and interact with people from various countries. In fact, it was a multicultural hotspot.

The university organized various industrial visits and cultural tours. I visited some of the renowned automotive industries, like Robert Bosch GmbH, Daimler Benz and Audi. These visits gave me a pinch of German excellence in engineering and technology. Also, cultural tours were organized to help international students better understand the German way of life and culture. These visits were to medieval cities and towns, like Heidelberg, Augsburg and Tubingen.

The syllabi were application oriented to make an engineer “Industry Ready”.  We also had an International Night which showcased various cultures of the world in a single stand. The whole trip gave me a lot of insight and helped me plan a course for the future.

Rakibul Hasan
Masters – Political Science, University of Osnabrück


The title that probably suits me best is ‘Policy and Communication Professional with a knack for Persuasive Storytelling.’ Being an alumnus of the highly respectable Public Policy and Good Governance Scholarship Program (current Helmut Schmidt Programme) of DAAD, I belong to an elaborate network of researchers and academicians worldwide. I pursued my Masters in the field of Democratic Governance and Civil Society at the University of Osnabrück. Living in Germany for almost three years, I can now safely boast about my German language skills. The process of learning a new language, while unlearning some old values, provided me with deep insights in creating a balance between contrasting perspectives and in developing immense respect for diversity.

Ramkumar Sukumar
Masters – Electronics and Communication Engineering, TU Darmstadt


Pleasure reaching out to you through DAAD. ‘Best education starts with DAAD and ends with DAAD’ goes a phrase. Not only best quality in terms of teaching and areas of research which are very relevant today, but also futuristic. Everything at an affordable cost!

I had graduated in Electronics and Communication and Engineering from Coimbatore Institute of Technology. After preparing myself to study in Germany by acquainting myself with the language and culture through Goethe-Institut Chennai, I started my Masters in Information and Communication Engineering, at Technical University of Darmstadt, which too I have successfully completed.

My Master’s thesis was in the field of Car2Car Communication. I have worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Microwave and Photonics.

Besides working on academics and research, I was actively engaged with international student organisations like AIESEC and started one on my own for helping Indian Students and working people.
The years I have spent in Germany gave me a lot of perspective towards life, and like-minded friends from the other parts of the world.
Finding my calling to be back in India, I returned to work as a System Engineer with Atos India, Pune, for around a year. It was a tough decision, took time to get settled, but reaping its benefits now. Well, nothing is impossible if we put our dreams in the first place.

Currently, I am working as a Project Manager for Scientific publishing services, Chennai, sister concern of Springer Nature Publications, which specialises in technical books and journals worldwide.

Ravi Kumar Kalal 
Masters – Water Resources and Environmental Management, Leibniz Universitat Hannover


I am Ravi Kumar from Gulbarga, Karnataka. I have studied my Bachelors in Civil Engineering from NITK, Surathkal. I worked in the field of Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) as a Project Engineer at Consortium for DEWATS Dissemination (CDD) Society based out of Bangalore.

I am a DAAD Scholarship holder and currently pursuing my Masters in Water Resources and Environmental Management at Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany. I have been living in Germany since one year and have no regrets from any point of view. I met very interesting and exciting people from across the globe from my study and social groups here.

Germany is a wonderful place in Europe to study and enjoy your time. The best way to enjoy is to let oneself free from all the stereotypes and explore the culture and people. Staying in Germany has evoked a good cook inside me, which I personally find really good. I am very happy and glad to be a part of this young and dynamic group of students and professionals across Germany. I thank DAAD for giving me this opportunity to express my experiences of studying and staying in Germany, and I look forward to conveying my understanding and perception.

Renuka Rao
Masters – Development and Governance, University of Duisburg-Essen


In 2012, I was selected for a Master’s program in Development and Governance at the University of Duisburg-Essen, fully funded by the North Rhine Westphalia Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research. The course played a key role in my decision to shift from journalism to the social development sector. This was the greatest year of my life in terms of having a positive and long-lasting impact on my professional growth, personal values, and achieving life goals. I can definitely assert that studying in Germany is a life-changing experience that not only inculcates values, such as independence, inter-cultural sensitivity and tolerance, but also promotes a thirst for knowledge and learning. From sharing meals and research papers with colleagues belonging to different cultures to exploring Europe on student trips, every day was filled with enriching experiences that will stay for life. Through my role as a Young Ambassador sharing my own experiences, I’d like to motivate, guide and support more and more youngsters to study in Germany. Besides, through my personal example, I’d also like to highlight that German universities are not just renowned in the field of engineering, medicine and environmental sciences but also humanities, development, law and media.

Richi Malhotra
Semester Exchange – Management, University of Cologne


I am currently pursuing the Masters in Management + CEMS MIM at National University of Singapore. With a degree in Economics from Delhi University and a profound passion for writing and travel, I try to combine them as best as I can. I have been learning German for the past 10 years and have been fascinated by life in Germany since childhood. I have visited Germany thrice; first in 2012 to pursue a language course, then in 2016 to do an internship with Giesecke & Devrient GmbH; and recently in July 2018 through the DAAD University Summer Course Scholarship to specialise in Business German. I consider myself fortunate enough to have received fully-funded scholarships to explore Germany in a different way each time and come back with experiences and memories. I can say from experience that Germany offers amazing opportunities for each one to learn about its culture, people, and language and to study and work in the land of innovation and invention. During my time in Munich and Aachen, I made many international friends who come from different corners of the world, and I am pleasantly surprised to see how different people can be and yet be so similar in so many ways. I believe that knowing the local language can greatly alter the experiences we have in that country and in a good way. In summer 2019, I will be studying Management at University of Cologne for one semester as part of my Masters programme and am already looking forward to it.

Rupesh Shrestha
Master – Natural Resources Management and Development, TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences


I am an architect by profession with background in heritage preservation, sustainable built environment, disaster risk management & urban Management. Currently, I am working in post-earthquake reconstruction project in Nepal. I am using skills that I learnt in Germany for earthquake rebuilding projects. In 2014, I received DAAD EPOS (Development related postgraduate course) scholarship. I studied Master of Science in Natural Resources Management & Development from University of Applied Sciences – Cologne (TH Köln), Germany.  Two and a half years that I spent in Germany for my Master’s degree will be something that I will cherish forever.  I learned not only technical skills, but also about its culture, language and people.  I have memories of Cologne Carnival, Weihnachtsmarkt, and Oktoberfest, where people come together and enjoy.  Germany is also called “Land of Ideas”. Studying in Germany would mean excellence in research and teaching. It made me realize, it is not only about getting a good degree, but one has to also go beyond professional and personal borders. As a DAAD Young Ambassador, I am eager to share my knowledge of German education system and help students who are planning to study in the “Land of ideas”- Germany.

Sabina Khatri 
Masters – Tropical Hydro-Geology & Environment Engineering, TU Darmstadt


I was attending Tribhuvan University in Nepal, pursuing my Bachelors degree in Geology. This inclined me towards water related research. Finding the DAAD program as per my interest was exciting. After 2 consecutive years of rejection, I was taken into the course on my third attempt. Germany was my dream country since childhood, after I saw the books with lots of pictures of different places in the library.

Regarding my experience in Germany, it was as beautiful as I had seen in the books. Apart from that, exposure to the diverse cultures, food, dresses, etc. with the international students from various nationalities was the most interesting part of my stay in Germany. Darmstadt always has a special place in my heart. It is a small town where everyone seems to know each other and felt like home. I enjoyed the university a lot. Best of all was getting to know that the “Bibliothek” was open 24/7, so one could go and study any time one felt like. To sum up, DAAD has been a very enriching experience for me and the biggest learning opportunity, personally as well as professionally.

Dr Saikumar Cheelurappa Bharamappanavara 
PhD – Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Humboldt University of Berlin


Thank you DAAD for extending me the opportunity to serve as a DAAD young Ambassador. After 11 years of stay in Berlin, it has now become my second Home. During my stay, I have grown personally, professionally, and have met many friends and colleagues from across the globe. Apart from technical advancement, Germany has also provided me the opportunity to practice human values which are indeed essential in life. Memories of Germany would always be the cheering and enriching moments of my life forever…

Thank you DAAD…and Love you Berlin…

Sakshi Aggarwal
Semester Exchange – Urban Planning/City Planning, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


I am an Architect and an Urban Planner and have recently finished my post-graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. DAAD gave me the opportunity to pursue partial research on my Master thesis in Germany under the guidance of a wonderful mentor as part of the DAAD-IIT Master Sandwich Programme. This period of 7 months turned out to be the most enriching experience of my life. The programme is very holistic, and the additional built-in German language course greatly eased my stay. The research environment was very conducive to my studies, and this period helped me develop both professionally and personally. I was also exposed to European planning, and case studies of cities like Berlin, Munich, Barcelona and Paris enhanced my research. The efficient and well-planned transportation made even travelling a joyful experience. Apart from academics, I learnt a lot about different cultures, made friends from all over the world, and created memories to last a lifetime.

I thank DAAD for giving me this opportunity of giving back to the mission as a Young Ambassador.

Sana Javaid
PhD – Architecture, TU Munich


I come from the Northern hill state of India, Uttarakhand, and am an Architect by profession. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. on the Socio-Environmental role of Green Infrastructure in Urban Areas and have been the recipient of the DAAD Scholarship twice. The first time, it was in 2015, under the DAAD-IIT Masters Sandwich Programme between IIT Roorkee and TU Munich, and later in the year 2018, under the DAAD-PhD Scholarships at TU Munich. The experience has been enthralling and boundlessly enriching. Not only is DAAD one of the most reputed scholarships, it also gives you a chance to experience one of the best countries and quality education at prime institutions. Studying at TUM allowed me to come across some of the best research platforms, infrastructure and renowned people from the field. My experience with the courses I undertook apart from Master Thesis Project was brilliant. Firstly, since the pedagogic methodology was quite different from India, second, because of the number of available choices, and third, because learning was more fun and interactive.

Apart from the educational exposure, time spent in Germany is an overall learning process. Be it in terms of discipline, work ethics, punctuality, honesty or dedication, it sure teaches you the perfect balance between work and fun. Cities are well linked, the commute is reasonable and friendly, and what else does the nomad in you need to be satiated? I love traveling and the learning to strike a balance between work and fun encouraged me to visit a number of places during my stay here. Being an architect, it is the best one could ask for.

The experience is indeed culturally and academically enriching and as they say, German cities are one of the most liveable ones, and it holds true to the core. It is a beautiful country with amazing people, so when you are in Germany, do what the Germans do and you won’t miss a chance to have an experience of a lifetime. I wish luck to everyone who aspires to study in Germany for this could be the life-changing moment. Feel free to drop a mail if you need any help/suggestions.

Saptarko Biswas
Masters – Law, University of Saarland


I graduated in Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Law from Symbiosis International University, Pune, India. My specialisation during the foregoing integrated course is International Law. I am fortunate to have been awarded the DAAD full scholarship to study Master of Law (LLM) at the Europa-Institut, Saarland University, Germany. Having completed two summer schools in Germany in the past two years, I am highly optimistic about the academic environment. From my experience, I can unreservedly express that the professors in German universities truly care about the holistic learning of the students. The focus is often on the practical aspects which makes the learning very comprehensive. Besides Indian classical music, I am also an ardent enthusiast of Opera singing, and German classical music (Lieder). I feel exalted to express that my singing during the summer school (2016) was featured in a German regional newspaper.In consonance with the DAAD’s “Strategy 2020”, I aim to build a network which will facilitate internationalisation. Since my LLM is focused towards European and International Law, I will be able to deliberate upon global issues and their resolutions. Besides striving to strengthen Indo-German relations, I endeavour to promote higher education in Germany, encouraging multi-cultural dialogue.

Shubham Garg
Internship – Metal Organic Frameworks, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


I am a fourth year undergraduate at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh. I got an opportunity to pursue a six – month internship at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. My work at KIT mainly focused on the conduction and spectroscopy of guest molecules in metal organic frameworks.  I still remember letting out a whoop of joy on receiving the acceptance from KIT and what followed was a journey filled with an invigorating learning experience. Brainstorming with brilliant researchers, meeting new and exciting people, trying different cuisines, and of course, exploring Europe during the weekends are some of the things that Germany gave me. Germany being situated almost in the centre of Europe provided me an opportunity to visit 16 different countries in 6 months. I travelled across Croatia, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Hungary and the list just goes on and on. I also took up a few courses in German language and these helped me a lot during my stay there. There aren’t enough words to describe how these six months in Germany changed my outlook towards life, and helped in broadening my horizons. As a DAAD ambassador I’m really eager to help out students in every way possible, and to ensure that they too have a very fruitful learning experience.

Shyam Srinivasaraghavan
Masters – Mechatronics, TU Hamburg


I am currently working as a Robotics Engineer near Stuttgart in Germany. I have always been fascinated by the field of robotics and industrial automation. Having taken part in different development projects in this field, I decided to pursue my masters in the field of Mechatronics. My decision to come to Germany was driven by the thought of receiving high quality education from the world leaders in Engineering. This led me to the International Masters Program in Mechatronics from the TU Hamburg, where I spent  good three years gaining theoretical and practical knowledge, along with learning and enjoying the German culture and language. My experience in Germany with respect to its engineering institutions has been very positive. Germany is a great place to study due to the high quality engineering education. With innumerable companies and research institutes focused on cutting-edge research and developing technologically advanced products, Germany is heaven for people who are deeply interested in stellar careers in engineering. Additionally, the work-life balance afforded here is extremely satisfying to pursue personal hobbies. Please feel free to drop me an email in case you have any questions.

Dr Sojib Bin Zaman
Masters – Medicine and Public Health, Charite- University Medicine Berlin


I did my post-graduation in MSc international health from Charite-University Medicine, Berlin. I was also awarded a post-graduate diploma from the Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health, Berlin in 2016. With support from the DAAD, I completed thesis part of my MSc in Thailand. This MSc program gave me expertise in analysing data, synthesis of scientific knowledge and transforming research into action. After obtaining MSc, I returned to Bangladesh and started working as a Public Health Physician and Researcher at ICDDR, B. I have already published 25 papers in peer-reviewed journals. I also got the opportunity to deliver my talk and expert opinion on public health issues in different medias of Bangladesh and abroad. Without the DAAD scholarship, it would have been nearly impossible for me to pursue higher education. It is the DAAD, which transformed my life, and I will always acknowledge this contribution.

Experience in Germany – Quality of education is super high, and research opportunities are abundant. Also, when I was in Germany, I fell in love with German cars! I always motivate my students and colleagues to select Germany as the destination for higher studies. Germany is a place where new opportunities come instantly and is worth a visit!

Tanmay Sanjay Ladge
Masters – Production Systems Engineering, RWTH Aachen


I completed my Masters from RWTH Aachen with majors in Production Systems Engineering. I worked as a student research assistant at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL Aachen).  The topic of my research was developing self-optimizing solutions in the field of metal cutting for Industry 4.0. I feel universities in Germany are the “melting pot” of Europe, where a beautiful and historic campus setting, students from many different cultures, lecturers with interesting insights into current best industry practice, an intimate studying environment and insights into multiple research projects, offering the immediate opportunity to apply academic learning, awaits the students. All of these made my life at RWTH Aachen a stimulating experience and a very worthwhile investment in terms of both personal and professional development. Education in Germany leaves no stone unturned when it comes to research and it enjoys a reputation for its excellence in the field of Engineering. The intensity and width of the program prepares students for high pressure situations, complex problem solving and work-life balancing that one can use in his approach to all challenges in a working life.

I pursued my internship and Master thesis at Procter and Gamble Manufacturing GmbH in the state of Bavaria. Currently I am pursuing the classical common dream of many engineers of working for a German automobile OEM. I am currently working for AUDI AG in the operations management department.

I have transformed and experienced the stages of a student, researcher and an intern, and now as a professional during my last four years in Germany. I have lived in regions and am currently based in the south-west of Germany. Having travelled to more than 12 European countries has given me a fresh perspective about the different social and cultural aspects. As a Young Ambassador, I hope this experience helps me network with young ignited minds, encourage and guide them to pursue their dreams in Germany.  Last but not the least a big thank you to the DAAD team for giving me the opportunity to work as a Young Ambassador.

Varun Yalamanchi
Exchange Student – Automotive Engineering, Hochschule Esslingen


I am from Hyderabad and have graduated from PSG College of Technology in June 2017, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I am professionally associated with McKinsey and Mercedes-Benz.

I have been to Hochschule Esslingen, Germany in 2015 as an exchange student to pursue my winter semester in Automotive Engineering.  Upon my arrival in Germany, I was immensely impressed by their way of life – punctuality, dedication and discipline.

The classes in the university were practical oriented; this enabled me to get a better understanding of the subjects. The healthy student-professor relations and their ever willingness to support, impressed me a lot. Living on my own in a dormitory taught me how to be independent. I had to do all my activities on my own, including cooking and cleaning, which were completely new to me!

Interacting with students from various countries made me understand their way of life and culture. Having visited neighbouring countries like France, Switzerland and Italy with friends, created a better bonding amongst us. Experiencing the medieval style Wiehnachten (Christmas Market) of Esslingen was simply off the charts!

The time I spent in Germany gave me an invaluable experience which I shall cherish throughout my life.