German as an Academic Language, Academic Forms of Working

Also von meiner Ausbildung her bin ich Linguistin: Mündliche Sprachroutinen in wissenschaftlichen Vorträgen.

Join us on October 6 at 1:30 pm for a keynote speech (in German language) by Prof. Christian Fandrych from the University of Leipzig.

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Exploring academic methods of working and the norms and standards of academic discourse is imperative for those aiming to participate successfully in international academic discourse in everyday university life and their own research. The keynote speech (in German language) examines the linguistic characteristics of German as an academic language in different types of academic texts and discourse.

The keynote speech will be held within the framework of the Dhoch3 Workshop, which will take place between the 5 and 11 October. The Dhoch3-project includes online study modules, which have been developed in close cooperation with German universities to offer support to universities abroad offering support to experts in the field of DaF-Didactics.