Sustainable urban development and innovations in South and Southeast Asia to combat marginalisation and livelihood insecurity in informal settlements
21-23 May 2021

Organised and hosted by RLC Bonn in collaboration with RLC Mumbai


The Right Livelihood College (RLC) is a global education and research initiative of universities and the Right Livelihood Foundation (RLF). It awards the so-called “Alternative Nobel Prize” for proposing and implementing practical solutions and alternative models for decent, sustainable lifestyles. Together with “Alternative Nobel Prize” Laureates, the RLC promotes transdisciplinary research on sustainable development and social justice.

The workshop

The region of South and Southeast Asia is significantly affected by urbanisation and growing informal settlements (“slums”). Many cities are facing similar challenges. There is a high need for South-South networking and knowledge exchange and transfer between experts from academia, civil society, and governmental institutions. The three-day RLC online workshop aims to create an expert network which network, which will support the alumni in contributing to sustainable urban development and marginalisation issues in their home countries. To do so, the workshop is organised as permanent working tables, clustered by topics of expertise. This way, the participants will have the chance to discuss their ideas and to elaborate a joint manuscript.

Postdoctoral scholars, RLA Laureates, and local experts will collaborate in permanent online working tables, mutually creating an academic manuscript. In the end, the manuscripts will be published as a blog post. It could also lead to drafting a research proposal or developing a working paper in the future.

The workshop will target the following objectives:

  • To support DAAD-Alumni in developing and successfully implementing solutions to development-relevant issues of sustainable urban development and combating marginalisation in informal settlements (“slums”) in their respective home countries.
  • To establish an expert network on sustainable urban development and marginalisation in South and Southeast Asia.
  • To reinforce the cooperation capacity of the involved partners of the RLC network.
  • To strengthen collaboration between alumni from South and Southeast Asia, Germany and the DAAD.

Who can apply

Postdoctoral scholars from South and Southeast Asia whose PhD was funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and (a) have completed their PhD at a German university or (b) have studied, researched or worked for at least three months at a German university during their doctorate. Besides, their current work focuses on urban development, poverty and marginalisation in informal settlements.

How to apply

  1. Prepare an extended abstract (500 words including title, text, 1-3 keywords, 1-3 references) of an envisioned research topic within the workshop theme.
  2. Apply by filling in the form
    before 25 April, 19:30 Mumbai, 20:00 Bangkok, 14:00 Bonn.

Selected participants will be informed until 2 May 2020.