The very first German Alumni Night Dhaka was organized together with the German Embassy in Dhaka at the German Club on the 27th of October 2018. All the DAAD alumni of the last five years were invited by the DAAD Information Centre Dhaka. The event was mainly aimed at having a social gathering of German alumni from Bangladesh to celebrate their achievements, to establish a network platform for future ventures and to create a bond that goes beyond research. The Alumni Association of German Universities in Bangladesh (AAGUB) was also present.

The event was hosted by the honorable German Ambassador to Bangladesh, His Excellency, Mr. Peter Fahrenholtz, whose welcome remarks were followed by speeches by the DAAD – presenting the various possibilities for German alumni, thereby highlighting their function and role; and by the AAGUB – giving valuable inputs. After the speeches, the Alumni Night was opened officially for networking, interesting conversation and delicious food.

The initiative was highly appreciated by all 96 participants, some of which were also alumni of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) and Max Planck, covering various fields of study. Moreover, our DAAD Research Ambassador from Bangladesh, Dr. Anwar Zahid was also present, as were two of our recently elected DAAD Young Ambassadors, Rakibul Hasan and Dr. Sojib Bin Zaman. Dr. Nusrat Jahan Imu, who received the DAAD Material Resources grant this year, also attended.

Feedbacks from the alumni were collected in written form, which was overwhelmingly positive. Regular meetings and future projects are already scheduled in the coming months to further leverage the fruitful academic exchange between the two countries and explore new opportunities. More such events were requested by almost everybody, some have suggested a proactive approach for the same.

To conclude, the event was a very big success and served to be very effective and interactive. The DAAD Dhaka also expresses their gratitude to the German Embassy Dhaka for their support and hope to continue the cooperation.